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Why the Wink Movement? Ever winked at someone? If you have, you will know that it confirms a particular message, reason, or joke - a connection. If you wink at someone at work without knowing them - it is just weird. We love great relationships where we can wink at each other while growing as humans together.

HR is similar to a wink. The successful impact of a wink depends on the context and background of the people sharing it. It is shared communication. Human Resources is similar to a wink as the shared communication between various stakeholders achieving an overall goal.

We know HR currently faces challenges. We share the challenges and frustrations selected CEOs, managers, employees, and HR professionals have towards Human Resources (let us face it and be honest).

The wink movement rethinks HR and what HR contributes to the future challenges of work while creating a healthy, productive, diverse, and inclusive workforce increasing the quality of life for all concerned.

We are a small team of social influencers who want the world to know the value HR contributes when the motives are right!

We offer quality HR and Leadership content, dialogues, and articles.

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