About Us

Ever winked at someone? If you have, you will know that it is something extremely special and you do not just wink at anyone for no reason. You wink for a specific reason and it creates a special bond or feeling when there is a wink involved. HR is similar to a wink.

We do not specifically like the term HR and we share some of the frustrations selected CEOs, managers, employees and HR professionals have towards HR (lets face it and be honest). This is only relevant when your HR department focusses too much on admin and not enough on the culture and the relationships that contributes towards the success and sustainability of the overall performance of the organisation.

The wink movement is all about rethinking HR and what HR contributes to the future challenges of work, creating a productive and happy workforce and increasing quality of life for all concerned. HR defined by the wink movement gives the same “lekker” (fun, exciting, nice, connected) feeling a wink gives.

We are a small team of social influencers who started this movement due to the various challenges the HR industry face. We want the world to know the value HR contributes, when the motives are right!

In order to provide quality content and offer quality contributions and articles we need to verify the contributors and thought leaders’ credentials. We limit membership in order to control the quality of submissions and guarantee reader satisfaction. This will be the place to go to for HR professionals.

Getting involved : the wink movement is filled with great contributions and trend discussions.

You can participate in one of three ways:-

1.Browser : As a browser you can see the topics but wont be able to read and reply to topics.

2.Contributor : Register, apply for contributor status and be able to comment on published topics. We will send all the need to have's and terms and conditions via email to you for review.

3.Thought Leader : Register, apply for Wink Thought Leader status invitation. This is by invite only and when successful you will be able to submit topics to be published on the Wink Movement platform. We will send all the need to have's and terms and conditions via email to you for review.

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