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At The Wink Movement, we have various spaces for individuals and teams to explore, connect or get involved and make a meaningful impact.

We believe that being human is not only being intellectual and physical, but spiritual, social, emotional, intellectual, physical, and connected to the environment and/or earth. When there is a balance between these elements, performance, and quality of life (joy) increase.

The Wink Movement connects and develops individuals and groups for life and work.

Various ways to connect and develop:

1. The Wink Movement Forum: Free of charge

  • Like The Wink Movement's Facebook and LinkedID page to get great insights and see what we are busy with.
  • Register as a browser on The Wink Movement Forum and read what we are busy with as members of The Wink Movement.

2. The Wink Campus

  • Be part of our lifelong learning initiatives by becoming a Wink Movement member.
  • Cost @R2,070 per person per annum.
    • We offer annual membership because we all know learning takes place over time. Commit for 12 months at a time.
    • Should you not be able to pay the once off payment, let us know and we can review your application for payment terms. (eg. big groups, or individuals with limited funds). Contact us at or phone Hein at 060 993 5986.
  • What's included in the membership fee:
    • You are part of the Wink Movement community where you can tap into, listen, contribute, and develop from our excellent conversations with others.
    • Build your learning portfolio and show the world you are committed to lifelong learning. Access 3 online programs per month. (Various topics ranging from leadership, labour, performance, culture, communication, and more), certificates on completion per program.
    • Join our monthly webinar, discussing a hot Topic recommended or requested by most of the members.
    • Access to our Forum:
      • Be a Contributor: Register as a Contributor and get to know us by reading our articles and contributor comments (you are also welcomed to contribute).
      • Apply to be a Thought Leader: If you feel you have the cred’s or experience to be one of our Thought leaders let us know by registering and selecting to be a Thought Leader. We will contact you and discuss the way forward. Alternatively send us an email with all your details etc. at
      • Members are rewarded for the contributions. You start as a Carver, then Shaper all the way to Eminent status being a Top contributor. View our explanation under Forum section Thought Leaders and Contributors.

3. Imenent: Performance Excellence Tool

Be Imenent, stand out and let us show you how to define measurable functions that makes the difference at work that contributes towards your overall happiness.

You can join as an individual or as a company.

Build your own performance data and show the world what you do at work.

  • Individual take on fee of R500 where Hein will guide you through the system and get ready to rock and roll in the performance world. This takes a maximum of 1 hour.
  • Companies to contact us for implementation- and take on fees.
  • Monthly license fee per pricing structure, from as little as R30pppm.

4. doro-ella: Christian Stewardship for business

@ doro-ella we are interested in the Spiritual aspect of being human and how this fits into our lives at work as business employees, leaders and/or owners.

Whether you are Christian or not, you are welcome to join our conversations and be part of our discussions and engagements regarding the Christian Stewardship role within business:

  • Free: Like our Facebook and LinkedID page and see what we are busy with. Comment and share your thoughts with us.
  • For R175 pppm. Join the doro-ella development world where we discuss various topics relating to business, entrepreneurship all sizes, and our roles as Christian Stewards.
    • Access to 3 online programs per month (various from new venture creation programs to management to basic accounting all focused from Christian Stewardship as core).
    • Join our live monthly webinar.
    • Access to The Wink Movement’s Forum as contributor and being part of business HR discourses.

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