Welcome to The Wink Movement: we rethink HR because people matter.

Is the world of work changing?
Yes, preferably one having a positive impact benefitting all stakeholders, the owners, the employed, clients, suppliers, the society, and the country.

The Wink Movement creates spaces for inclusive dialogues and collaboration between various generations & nations, working together, contributing towards a people's economy where people and places are first.

People are spiritual, social, intellectual, physical, emotional beings who love the earth. Our web platforms help individuals, business leaders, and HR Teams build sustainable businesses impacting the lives of all stakeholders.

Our platforms:

  • The Wink Movement Forum
  • The Wink Campus : online lifelong learning programs
  • doro-ella : stewardship discussions and development programs
  • Imenent : performance excellence tool


Discussions between members into various HR and Leadership areas. Excellent conversations, be part of it!


The Wink Campus

Membership to a lifelong learning platform. Own your worklife, networks, perspectives, performance and continuesly develop in areas relating to various HR areas, wellness, leadership.



Membership platform engaging in meaningful dialogues, projects, and online development programs to be made aware of, to understand, and to make an impact with various stakeholders concerning public and business challenges from a stewardship perspective.



Be Imenent, stand out and let us show you how to define measurable functions that makes the difference at work that contributes towards your overall happiness.


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